my story collection

These are my stories. They vary in length from shorts to full length novels and there are more on the way (just as soon as I can winkle them out of my head). There's quite a bit of experimentation, which varies the style, I suspect, as I explore characterisation, dialogue and plot, and of course, us.

I also find that determining the premise within which to seat the idea is a critical first step (duh!), otherwise the story feels un-anchored and can drift. Each story is unique, both in subject and in style, so I hope that you find something amongst the 700,000 words (and counting) that appeals. That is, after all, kind of the point.


short stories

From 9 to 19,000 words, and ranging from sci-fi with a hint of horror, through to speculative questions about God, ascension, race, and the power of an idea.


20,000 words about love, from the perspective of a neurally diverse, non-binary adolescent. But, not the love that you might think.


The Scarborough Shoal Sequence are independent but related stories based upon the premise of a history of humanity, and are in gradual progress. Plus others.


These novels take a speculative look at what happens when the climate finally bites. Do we survive, both it and our reaction to it, and if so, how? Plus one about empires and greed.

MARK J. SUDDABY | writer