my story collection

These are my stories. They vary in length from shorts to full length novels and there are more on the way (just as soon as I can winkle them out of my head). There's quite a bit of experimentation, which varies the style, I suspect, as I explore characterisation, dialogue and plot, and of course, us.

I also find that determining the premise within which to seat the idea is a critical first step (duh!), otherwise the story feels un-anchored and can drift. Each story is unique, both in subject and in style, so I hope that you find something amongst the more than 700,000 words that appeals. That is, after all, kind of the point.


short stories

From 9 to 19,000 words, and ranging from sci-fi with a hint of horror, through to speculative questions about God, ascension, race, and the power of an idea.


Longer than a short story, less than a novel, these stories touch on love, war, a ballerina, and alt histories.


These novels take a speculative look at what happens when the climate bites. They are about survival, and mostly from ourselves.

MARK J. SUDDABY | writer