so anyway...

No, this is not a blog. But it is a place where I can micro-rant about things that you maybe find interesting. Or maybe not, mind, so prepare to be mildly disappointed.

Here, I'll share news, updates and background stuff that usually gets buried during the writing process, but almost all story ideas have some little titbits that add a little seasoning to the reading experience.

Sometimes I wonder if we read to understand ourselves better. Both we, ourselves, and us as a species. And if that is the case, then the act of reading is as much a part of that as the fantastical words rising off the page. And so – like those 'behind the scenes' things the movie people do – I will try to bring the process and the person to life.

super quick one – 17/05/24

I've been busy, but not writing my stories.

I completed the paid writing gig that I started towards the end of last year and was immediately offered a new one, which I have accepted. When this starts (June/July most likely) it will carry me into next year – without having written a story in '24. I know, annoying, but cannot be helped, as money is still a thing.

However, what these paying writing gigs do provide me with is a bought and paid out future where I am free to continue my own creative fiction writing.

In the background to this paid work I intend to go through all my written stories and final final proofread them ready for publication. I have just finished Echoes of a Lost Earth, having merged the two scripts back into a single novel, proofread (for the umpteenth time) so that now it is truly a finished novel. I shall now do this for all my works, ready to (most likely) self publish online.

Also, I hope to find the time to finish The Difference Engine this year so that I have at least one story completed in 2024. I'm trying to make a window, as I am half way through and desperate to bag that win. Thanks for coming.

19, 20, 21,22, 23... 2024! – 27/12/23

Christmas has just been and gone, 2023 is coming to an end and 2024 is about launch itself into out lives.
It's been a bit of a year. Let's see... 2023...
I wrote three short stories: The Man Who Lived at the End of the World, The Observer Effect and The Humans Must Die. I finished the novella Shattered Light and am half way through writing the novella The Difference Engine.
In amongst all that, I have line edited, final proofed, worked up covers and so forth, and published Echoes of a Lost Earth  as a two part novel, in partnership with Austin Macauley Publishers. So, I'm pretty pleased with '23.
**As regards, Echoes, I have now decided, however, to withdraw the novel from publication with Austin Macauley from the beginning of '24, as I have decided to go a different way with publication and want all my intellectual property to be retained and available via a single publishing route. Publishing on an ad hoc basis therefore doesn't suit that going forward. I have, though, learned a great deal about publishing and the industry from Austin Macauley for which I will always remain grateful.**

Onto 2024, which will be the fifth year of my writing life. And, on the to do list, are:

- Finish writing The Difference Engine novella
- Re-edit, merge manuscripts and re-publish Echoes of a Lost Earth as a single novel
- Conduct another full and final edit of Even Americans Die
- Begin writing the novel Air

This will more than see me through the year and, I suspect, well into 2025.
Of note, I recently took on an unrelated writing gig – to pay the bills – which is why I have been quite quiet and why I have had to leave The Difference Engine in abeyance while I focus on topping up the coffers.
Projects way down the track include: Revolution England and The Highest Hill in the Sky (novellas), and The Last History of Man (novel – a new, old, idea), and probably the odd short that comes to me.
That's it from me in '23. Wishing you all the more for '24.

The Humans Must Die – a short story

I did that thing again where I came up with the title first and then had to make my brain wrap a story around it. Luckily, it seemed to work and now I have my ninth short story.
It also came out pretty easily (noting that writing could never be described as "easy") in comparison with the stories at the beginning of the year that needed much reworking and fumbling around in a few dead ends to get right.  Super chuffed. This is my sixteenth story! Yay.

I focused on the characters and have hopefully come up with a few more that are great to get to know. It is quite a light story, which it has to be based upon the subject matter. And, there is – I hope – a fun twist on the whole idea of the humans needing to die. Why? Says who? How? All of 'em?
Shorts are great fun, and I love those that I have written this year (this being my last short of '23).
I like my stories to have a twist or reveal, and hopefully I've done that here. Enjoy.

autumn all-flipping-ready! – 3/9/23

Which is really the summer that we didn't get in the actual summer. An Indian summer, we call it. Been a funny season, weather-wise.
I'm back! After a few months of radio silence, time for an update.

So far the is year:

> Echoes of a Lost Earth Part One published
> Echoes of a Lost Earth Part Two published
> Shattered Light novella written
> The Man Who Lived at the End of the World short written
> The Observer Effect short written

Pretty pleased with the output, actually.

Over the summer I have been diving deep into Even American Gods Die. It was epic and took all of my motivation and will power, because I like writing, not editing. But one follows the other. I have taken 20k words out of American Gods, tightened it up and sorted out perspectives, so that it's all now (mostly) third person. (Lesson learned – again!). Two more edits needed, natch.
I have updated the covers for all my stories, and created back cover blurbs (for social media, mainly). A big job, but I am really happy with the result. It's been a fascinating journey, evolving the covers. A lot of fun and doesn't tax my tiny brain.
Meanwhile, my brain has come up with a new short story idea, which I am about to start, called, The Humans Must Die – next project. Excited.
My aim is to get into The Difference Engine (novella, probs) before the end of the year, and write Air (novel) in '24.
Concurrently, Echoes of a Lost Earth is still published, and selling, and I am debating what to do with my now many short stories; the main thought being to self-publish. Still in procrastination phase. 
So, busy autumn ahead, and still with more thoughts than fingers. Smiley face.

Echoes of a Lost Earth PART TWO – Published 23/06/23

Well, that has been a journey, for sure. And, whilst I don't feel that with the publication of the second and concluding part that it is over – I think there's always ways to improve the experience, the story – getting it out there is huge. And a big relief!
Echoes of a Lost Earth Part Two is now a published novel through Austin Macauley Publishers and available online via their website as well as Waterstones, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Dymocks, just as with Part One.

Again, Austin Macauley, as indie publishers, have been a blast to work with, and I have learned loads regarding the publishing process that will equip me well going forward. Publishing a book is no small task, so again, I am thankful.
Part Two picks up from Part One, continuing the decline into war, the crisis aboard ship, the journey, and... Alice.

Enjoy. PART TWO, which like PART ONE, is a blast. Literally.

Here is a link to the Publisher's website:


Hardback, with a unique Collector's Cover.

eBook: either as Kindle (from Amazon) or as an ePub from the publisher's website.

The Observer Effect – a short story

My first attempt to write this became The Final Incidence. The second, Shattered Light. Now, at the third attempt, I have finally written a story that I am happy to use this title on. Phew. That was getting tense. Although, exactly the same thing happened with An Original Thought. So, it's done and I really like the result. Characters that pull you in; a story that keeps you wondering.

The Observer Effect is a short story, a philosophical tale about what being observed makes us become; with a little AI thrown in because Chatbots are all the rage right now.
I like that it is told from four very different perspectives and doesn't impose an answer upon the reader; it's the act of observation that's the thing.

update time – 9/5/23

The King has been crowned, so that's nice. Winter has finally buggered off and left a soggy spring holding the can, and, I have been doing things. Honestly, the publication of Echoes of a Lost Earth Part One has been like the main thing over the past month, but I have been writing too.
So first, Lost Earth. I can't really say much as I don't know much, other than it is out in the world, people are ordering it and the feedback so far has generally been positive. I don't know sales figures because the publisher doesn't share on a moment-by-moment basis because there are too many distribution channels. Suffice it to say, it is all going as would be expected. I am happy that it is out there, living and breathing. I am even reading it myself (for the first time) and yes, I found minor errors that my (and the publisher's) intense gaze missed, but a casual glance is blinded by. I have altered the master manuscript, mainly to make myself feel better.

And while I am on Echoes, Echoes of a Lost Earth Part Two has now been finalised and signed off. It will be published in all three formats on 23rd June 2023 – next month – so really pleased that that is in the pipeline.
Other major news is that I finally came up with an idea for The Observer Effect short.  The key – it turned out – was to look at it from the perspective of the observed, not the observer. That is to say: we all know what happens when someone watches us do a thing we have done a thousand times without issue – we become all fingers and thumbs. So I went with that, sort of. Very happy with the result as I have been able to experiment once again with the method of delivery. I'll put something up shortly.
So that's one novel published, one novella and two shorts written so far in '23. Next is the massive edit of Even American Gods Die (I've been putting it off).

Echoes of a Lost Earth PART ONE – Published 31/03/23

That's it. Done. Phew.

Echoes of a Lost Earth Part One is now a published novel through Austin Macauley Publishers. It is available online via their website as well as Waterstones, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, The Book Depository, Dymocks, and so forth. And in time – as the publishers work their magic – it will be available in selected bookstores as well.

Austin Macauley are a boutique house within the publishing industry (my assessment only) and have been great to work with, primarily for that reason. Publishing a book is more work than it looks and I am very grateful to them for taking it on.
So, if you like reading fiction, are interested in our climate, love a political thriller, and revel in the twisting lives of interesting characters, then this should be your next read.
If you agree, then enjoy (and don't worry, Part Two is in the bag).

Here is a link to the Publisher's website:


Hardback, with a unique Collector's Cover.

eBook: either as Kindle (from Amazon) or as an ePub from the publisher's website.

The Man Who Lived at the End of the World – a short story

While on the flight to Australia – a really long and boring flight because there have been no films since that post pandemic splurge, right? – I challenged myself to come up with a short story idea (just in case I needed something to do in Oz, even though I had all that editing). And I did – The Man Who Lived at the End of the World. And on the 2nd January I started writing it, while feeling very smug that I had hit '23 hard and in the face. Then, two weeks later it was finished and I wasn't taken with it at all. No vibe, which really means, no feel for the characters.
So, I decided to chop it about a bit, hoping that would do it.

I wanted it to, I really did, and my brain spent ages trying to convince me that it was... you know... okay. But it wasn't; it was average. Middling. So I rewrote it, but half way through, I slipped into inserting chunks from the old story and just  tinkering a little. So I had another word with myself and started again. Third time, now.
And now, finally, it is done, a completely fresh rewrite. And I am pleased; good characters, I think, but also plot and a nice pay off. One full read through and it'll be up on the site next week in 'Short Stories'. As with all shorts, you can read these stories for free.

Echoes of a Lost Earth 


This is what is called in the publishing world: a single print final proof copy (plus the eBook equivalent). Part One is now done, and due to hit the shelves (at least virtually, initially) at the end of March 2023. There will be paperback, hardback and eBook editions.

I am really quite excited. It's beginning to feel real.

Hello 2023 – 7/2/23

I'm late, I know, but I have been working, honest. The fact is, I have been wanting to add an update, but I have had a few things (writing related) going on and I wanted them complete so that I had something to say. But, as ever, things drag, so I decided to put this in, and update it as things finally do happen.
In December, I laid out my priorities, so this is where I am:

- Shattered Light is now reworked, done and up on the site, in 'Novellas' as it grew (I knew it would). It was bigger job than I anticipated, but I really like the characters in this story, so it was important to give them the space they needed. I hope to revisit this world with other stories.
- Remember that story I came up with on the plane? Well, I wrote that first thing in January. It is called The Man Who Lived at the End of the World. It isn't in 'Short Stories' yet because I wasn't happy with the writing, the style. It didn't have the vibe I wanted it to. So I am going to completely rewrite it, focusing on the world and the characters, rather than the story, which I now have more clearly laid out in my mind.

- The big news, though, is that work on Echoes of a Lost Earth has ramped right up. The publishers are on it. It is slated for the end of March print run, the Part One manuscripts are now complete and about to be signed off; I am just waiting for the final version of the paperback cover, which – by the way – looks great. I am really pleased with how things picked up so strongly in the New Year. We are also going for a separate cover design for the hardback version, to make it more like a special edition. Once that is done – we are a day or two away from final sign off for Part One – we switch to Part Two. That should be a quicker process, because the cover styles will have been agreed and the editing is done, just needs a proof, layout check and the covers agreed. So much has been achieved – publishing a manuscript professionally, working with publishers, is a lot of work.

Next is the The Man rewrite, followed by a fresh go at Difference Engine. It's been a bit like that recently, writing and rewriting, but I'm just rolling with it. I also have a boat load of editing to do and another three (I think) stories to write. Best get to it.

Shattered Light – a novella 

Formerly The Observer Effect.
Now called Shattered Light.
I said that I would revisit this story, as I wasn't quite happy with the latter third. So I did, and have added in an additional Age (like a little chapter within the context of this story). This has meant the ending stays, but makes more sense with the added context. I think it is now a much more rounded story, and – at 28,000 words – a novella, as I suspected it would be.

I am really happy with how this has turned out; it just needed another pass, some more words, others moving about and boom. It is more character than plot driven, which I struggled with initially but have now got my head around.
It is in the 'Novellas' section right now, and as always, get in touch if you like the story idea.
The title The Observer Effect I am saving for when that story really does finally pop into my empty head. One day. Maybe.

OMflippingG - 8/12/22 

I went aboard in Oct/Nov. The day before I left, Echoes of a Lost Earth Part Two appeared in my inbox for initial proof. Now, because I had edited Part One, I kinda had to do the same to Part Two, for all the obvious reasons, not least, continuity. I didn't add anything in, this time (not needed), but taking extraneous words out has made the whole thing better, more taut. Oh, and the day before I returned, Part One appeared for final proof.
So much editing and proofing; I feel like it's all I've done since September (it is all I've done). But... that's Part One done and only a quick proof of Part Two (having learned the edit/proof lessons first time around) to go.
Publishers are being very patient and understanding, but it's through gritted teeth, I think. Almost there. Impatiently waiting now for cover art.
While on the plane I challenged myself to come up with a story idea (I was v bored and no good films right now). I wrote 2k in the sky, so am very impressed with myself for that.
[I think it goes like this - after a burst of writing, you want to edit, to give your brain a day off; after a spell of editing, you want to write, because you had forgotten how mind-numbing editing is.]

So - here, at the end of the year - is my to do list (not in order):

- finish that story I started on the plane (short);
- fix Shattered Light (major ish re-edit);
- write The Difference Engine (having thrown away first attempt) (novella, maybe);
- first edit of Even American Gods Die;
- come up with a story and write The Observer Effect (short);
- drop everything for Lost Earth.
- submit After the Rise to publishers;
- write The Highest Hill in the Sky (novella);
- write air (novel).

Hmm, so much to do. I feel like I haven't written enough this year - that I've let myself down, like a 180k novel and a short don't cut it. And I'm being harsh, I know, but I have so much to do! I'm staring at two years work, easy, and that's without my brain coming up with anything else (which I hope it does - I live in constant fear that I have run out of ideas!). Merry Christmas. See you in '23.

juggling stuff x 5 - 6/10/22 

1.  Echoes of a Lost Earth: Part One came back for final final proof read and I accidentally did a bit of a structural edit then changed a smidge here and there, the fate of some characters and other stuff. I did kind of hint that I would. Anyway, the publisher now needs to do another proof read. My bad. So waiting for that to happen. And then, off to the printers (once cover art is done).
2.  I have started The Difference Engine, and am taking it more slowly, as I rushed my last story and suffered the consequences. I've been a little too target driven of late, so I need to calm it down. Coming on nicely though. Communism. Religion. Imperial republicanism. All supposed societal nirvanas.

3.  I have postponed submissions of After the Rise until Lost Earth (One and Two) are published. This is to avoid confusion regarding my status as a writer (I'm Schrödinger's Author, currently). Plus, I'm struggling to find the time.
4.  The Observer Effect has been renamed Shattered Light. Again, I have removed the original title as the story doesn't justify it. One day my brain will conjure an idea to curl comfortably around that premise. One day. Not today, though. Plus, Shattered Light needs a major rummage about in and making more better.
5.  The major first edit of American Gods (all 181k) has been put back to the new year. Time: it really is a thing, you know.

two quick things (plus two) - 30/08/22 

Yesterday I finished the first full read through and edit of The Observer Effect. I'm pleased to have that nailed, and I am loving the Culture novel (Iain M. Banks) vibe. But, I think it needs to go back under the knife once I've had a moment, and reemerge as a slightly longer, more involved story (with a better ending).
Today, the final amended manuscript for Echoes of a Lost Earth: Part One came through for my final final.

I'll end up fiddling, but I can't help it. So in a few days that'll go back to the publishers and it really will be onto the next publishing stage.
Next up is a short story - The Difference Engine; once I've worked out the premise, which has yet to drop (but I'm working on it).
And, next month I shall begin the joyful process of submitting After the Rise.

The Observer Effect - a short story

I have just finished Observer Effect. Boom, just like that. Actually it wasn't, and it still isn't. It's long for a short story, at 20k, and I really like the set pieces and the characters. But... Not sure yet about the sort of last third and most critically the ending. I mean, it's not terrible or anything, but my standards adviser is wagging their finger at me and reminding me I can do better.
The cover copy (blurb) is a bit rough and ready, but that's still settling, so bear with it.

So; where I'm at with it, is:
- It's written - beginning, middle end, the works - and is available from 'Short Stories'. It'll need a final edit after an air gap, but otherwise, good to go.
- But also; I think I might revisit that last third and see about changing how it goes from there, including a different ending. Accepting that that will likely push it into novella territory.
Sometimes it goes like that, I guess (and it's not the first time).

After the Rise - a novel

After the Rise, a novel of just under 106,000 words is finished, final edited and done, and I am really pleased.
The first page is in the 'Novels' section, so I hope that you enjoy that.
I started by writing An Original Thought, which quickly grew legs and became its own thing so I changed the title and went with it. It's also a massive homage to Logan's Run and A Brave New World - two fantastic examples of utopian/distopian futures, which got me thinking about why neither systems work.

Hence the midtopian ideal, the collective harmony of the communal body, and the idea that original thought is a sin (an original sin, no less) and must be guarded against. I also liked the idea of arbitrary tribes and so went with eye colour.
Anyway. Without being immodest, it's a better story than I remember (noting that I'm the least best person to judge objectively) and so I have decided to submit it in the early autumn (probs after I've written Observer Effect). 
Because, why not?

minor update - 25/07/22

It got hot and I've been taking bit of a brain break. I re-did the garage floor. Again. And other stuff.
I also final edited Rise, so super pleased to have that done.
But, the main thing, though, is that the manuscript for Echoes of a Lost Earth: Part One has come back from the publishers, having been typeset and proof read. 

Exciting. So now I have to do my bit; give it the once over and approve the changes type thing, and then it's onto the next phase - covers and blurbs 'n' stuff.
If nothing else, I will learn many things about the process.
Plenty to do, then. And still have Observer Effect to think up and write down.

Even American Gods Die - 26/06/22

It was supposed to be a three part story; no more than 70 to 100k. Well, that didn't quite work out. What a funny old world, as Yulia would no doubt say, after a quick murder.
However, little everyday murders aside, I have finally (I say finally, I wrote a massive novel in less than a year, so go me) finished American Gods
181k. That's how many words it took in the end. And five parts. Blimey. I really didn't see that coming, but, it's done, finished, The End. And I'm actually really pleased with the result. It's still a rough first draft and I haven't read the whole thing through, cover-to-cover, but from what my brain has been able to retain, I'm pretty chuffed. If only for what I've leaned about pace and characterisation.
And that opening scene I wrote in May last year - it stayed in. Mostly. I think my approach to the ending - to focus on giving each character their own - was a bit of a brainwave (well done, brain). I have just finished reading a standard length book and the ending was, to be fair, pants.

So I feel that giving the reader (of which I am one) a proper ending commensurate with the story is crucial to the tale you're trying to tell. I could be wrong. I probably am.
So, apart from adding an additional chapter almost immediately after declaring that I'd finished, and layering in some additional backstory for Rendell and Constance (to give them more motivation for their actions), oh and more fags for Darlla, I really am done.
Now, I'm going to let the story percolate for a while and then in the autumn I will begin the (unending, unenviable) edit process, once my brain has forgotten the story enough that it doesn't assume it knows what's on the page but actually reads the actual sentences.
Oh, and so now my brain is thinking Observer Effect, so that'll be next. After the final edit of After the Rise (been putting that off for a while).

my brain and other organs - 30/05/22

I've been waiting a while to provide an update. This is because I thought that I would be finished with American Gods by now. Finished in the "completed" rather than the "frustrated" kind of a way.
But no.
I blame my brain.
You see, I rely on my brain to do all my thinking - as most do - and when it comes to writing, I type, my brain comes up with the story. So it's my brain's job to work out the ending and it likes to tease - to keep me waiting til the last moment - which I'm used to, and I thought that this time was no different.
Then I realised that it was stalling, making me type up scenes that were basically giving me something to do because it hadn't worked out how to wrap this thing up.
Meanwhile 70k words sailed past, then 100k - and I'm thinking now that this is a 130k story - but then 130k flew by, so that I have arrived at 149k and still, without an ending in sight, even though all the characters have gathered and are kind of expectant.

So I sat my brain down and made it come up with an ending, and that really is not my job. I type, it does the clever stuff. However, it seemed that it needed a kick in the brain-butt. A moment to focus (which it normally does while I'm asleep, but...).
See, the thing with a long form and now a longer long form is that the ending has to be commensurate to the length of the story. Grand enough to justify the effort the reader has gone to to get to that stage. And my brain wasn't coming up with the goods.
Luckily, I stepped in and now have an ending which I am about to begin. The secret, it turned out, isn't to pull together an all encompassing mega-ending, but to focus on giving each character their own and then hooking those up. We'll see if it works.
I think another 10k words and I'm there, but it could be less.
And then there's the edit, so we'll have to see how long the final version is.
All my other organs are working fine, by the way.
Oh, and I've come up with an interesting premise for air. Exciting.

minor update - 08/04/22

So, another twoish things have happened.
First, having taken that mid-novel-writing break (for most of March, I know, but I bought a car and I really really like cars, and buying them especially, so... anyway), I have come back to the machine and finished Part 2 of American Gods (and started Part 3, coz basically I can see the finish line from here, just). So that's really exciting and although much polishing will ensue after the words are all hammered out, finishing a long form is a big deal.
So, go me. Yay.

Second, my brain has started work on The Difference Engine (without being asked to, of course), which it seems to want to tackle next, and even given The Observer Effect a passing ponder or two (robots, I'm thinking). So it seems my brain is keen to be getting on to the next bit of mental torture. No rest, etc.
So generally all good.

Oh, and Ukraine - maximum respect. 

two big things - 24/02/22

First big thing: I am - I think - now around half way through Even American Gods Die. 70k words and half way through Part 2 of 3 (although no idea what Part 3 looks like yet, but that's half the fun). It's coming on and I'm pleased. I'm just taking a break before I tackle the second half. The middle chunk in a long form can be a bit of a slog (don't tell anyone). I'm also having to go through and convert from 1st to 3rd person (not the first time I've fallen into this hole and will be more wary in future - a good learning thingy). I tried to be clever and it bit me. So less being clever with the writing style from now on. There's a reason why all the characters can't be 1st person (dumbass). Although trust me, it was working; for while, anyway. Until I needed to kill some off. Then it didn't work as well. You live and learn. So yeah, American Gods progresses. No quick wins with long form, so not much to report, otherwise.
Because of the second big thing I've had to remove my novels from being free to read; just samples available now. Others stories can still be requested though. 

Second big thing: Echoes of a Lost Earth has been picked up for publication by an international UK-based independent publisher. I am tres excited. Signed the contract last week and it all kicked off today. Luckily, I write all my stories as if they were published so have bios and blurbs already good to go. Anyway, suffice to say that I am really pleased, although it doesn't really feel as if it's sunk in yet. Maybe when I see the cover.
Also, the plan is to split the story into two (there's a natural break at the 99k word point, between books 2 and 3) and publish as two separate novels - Part One and Part Two (obvs). So that's great, and kinda two novels.
I have to say, it does morale the world of good. It means, also, that come summer/autumn time, I will transition from impoverished writer to impoverished author.
While the publishing process grinds away, I am going to focus on American Gods and then The Difference Engine, and maybe even The Highest Hill in the Sky (if I can fit that into '22).
So yep, two big things.

The Final Incidence - a short story

The Final Incidence, a short story of eighteen and a half thousand words is now finished, final edited, and the sample is now up in 'Short Stories'. Really pleased with it, which came out much different to what I went in with, but that's often the way.

Enjoy the sample and if you want the rest, simply get in touch and I will send you the ePub. There's no charge or commitment. 

new year, more... typing 14/01/22

So, it's a new year. Cool. Whilst I'm not enjoyed the energy crisis caused by a sudden hike in gas prices, I find it interesting that I wrote about gas manipulation and international sub-threshold weaponising of energy supplies, over 12 years ago, in the first draft of Lost Earth. And hypergliding missiles, pandemics, migrations... I feel like it's coming true. Back in '07 I was writing science fiction; now it feels like... a news report. I even created a character called Omicron! Blimey.
So I took Christmas off as I was having yet another existential crisis over the way I have chosen to write American Gods. Ugh! But, turned out to be the best thing, as when I came back to it in the new year and reread the 23k I'd banged out before Christmas, I realised that it wasn't this terrible thing that I was beginning to fret that it was. So, I've cracked on and have just finished Part One: The Death of a King

which ended up being 45k. So happy with that. Not that it's all about word count (but...). So, really pleased with my progress. That part is now with my go-to beta reader to find out if the style works and then I'll begin Part Two: In the Shadow of the Sun. So going great guns and it appears to have decided to be a novel after all (or three novellas). In-between, I'll final edit Incidence so that's done. Hope to have American Gods complete by May, and then onto the follow-up to Three Systems, and ideally, The Difference Engine, just as soon as I figure those two out. Oh, and plus The Observer Effect, and Air. So that's '22 sorted (plus more like '23 too, really).
Otherwise, everything is awesome (you sing it), everything is great
My autumn submissions window will close soon, so hoping for some news on that front too, next month.
Happy new year.

 general update 21/11/21

Submissions are done; now I wait.
It goes on like that for a while.
But, you never know...
I updated my book covers with a cleaner font and changed the look of the Lost Earth covers, which I really like now. (But then I always say that).
I've yet to final edit Final Incidence as I'm letting it percolate, but I had good feedback from the beta reading and so I shall be incorporating two minor changes to make it work better. Over Christmas, probably.

So, I took American Gods off the site because I couldn't quite work out where is sat, length-wise. Plus, I was in procrastination mode. Then another idea came to me - air - which became my new fave and I put that up instead. Then the way to write American Gods came to me, plus I stopped obsessing over what length to force-write it at (preferring to let it unfold naturally, which took the pressure off) and so I started it last week, and plan to see where it takes me. Turns out, trying to plan everything out, chapter by character - not really my style at all. Got me all of a tizzy. So feeling much better now, and what length it ends up, I guess I'll find out at some point. But for now, I'm enjoying writing this story, using an entirely new premise/perspective. I'm 10k in and liking it so far. That can change quick, mind.

quick one 22/10/21

A family thing happened which knocked me off my rhythm there for a moment, but that's in the rearview now.
So, I started writing The Observer Effect and finished up with The Final Incidence. So that's what it's called now. I shall save Observer for a story more suited to the scientific angle, rather than the philosophical.
I haven't started American Gods yet, despite having it planned out, and although I can start right now (with Incidence wrapped - less final edit), I think there's some pontification coming.

I think I'm going to final edit Three Systems, and hope that The Difference Engine comes to me while I'm doing that, with the aim of knocking that out before Christmas and then, having mulled American Gods some more, start that in the new year. 
It's a plan. Kinda. Meanwhile submissions continue. No takers yet.

three quick things 27/9/21

First, I have begun the submissions process, with Echoes of a Lost Earth. Pleased to have finally built up the courage to do it, but it's also truth to the head time.
Second, I have completed the planning element of Even American Gods Die. I have an outline plot, character bios and a timeline (the latter being something that I just couldn't put down for like a week - so much fun. Which means, I'm good to go (once I've worked out the perspective).

Third, the broad concept for The Observer Effect came to me the other day. Been wondering how that might unfurl for a while, so it's nice that it happened. I suspect that I will be owing much to Stephen Baxter and Peter F Hamilton for sowing the seeds of the 'observer' premise. And so I'm going to knock this one out before I start American Gods

writing update 10/9/21

I didn't sleep well last night. I read later than I usually do, fell into a deep, brief, slumber and when I awoke my brain decided that that would be the ideal time to start work on my new project, Even American Gods Die.
I was going to start it next week and would therefore have been fine with a nice long sleep (I like a good sleep). But I don't get to choose, so...
I think it's going to be a long form story (novel length) and I'm going to approach this one differently to After the Rise and Echoes of a Lost Earth
By that I mean, I intend to spend a really good amount of time planning this one out. Chapter by chapter. Character bios. All that stuff they say you should do, but I always preferred to just get on with the writing. Natch. But stomping around where angels fear may not be the very best way, so I'm trying it their way, this time.

So last night, my brain started to work out some of the world building stuff. Political structures, past events, main players, opening sequences. It's all a jumble right now, but rather than just leave it tumbling around in my head (like I normally do and can get away with, with short form), I'm going to write it all down and then place it in order. Only once I have a fleshed out end-to-end story, am I then going to start tap-tapping (I wrote an opening scene a few months ago, but that doesn't count - I may not even use it, although it's ace so I probably will).
I also need to reread and final edit A Light Beyond the Stars (my latest short) and I hope to be able to bang out The Observer Effect short before I start on American Gods proper - I've spend most of '21 re-editing all my works and building this blooming website, so I feel like I haven't got much to show for 2021. A third story would make me feel better. Only problem is, for Observer, all I have is a title.
Still, worry about that another time, right now, I'm ordering my unordered American Gods thoughts. Smiley face.


I'm a slow reader. I always have been. I think I benefit from a greater word absorption rate, but maybe that's a myth. I might just not be very good at hoovering up words on a page. That's more likely. They can jiggle about a bit and are very good and simply being the words I think they're going to be rather than what the author typed out.
But that's just me.
I read every day. And not just what I write (although I do a lot of that). No. I also read for fun. I read when I'm writing and when I'm not. I read because books are still the very best form of story telling.
Dune (the film) comes out soon. It'll be epic and I can't wait. But I suspect it won't quite measure up to my perspective view of the book (which I read in anticipation of the film coming out, and blimey it's dense). Books can stack 'em high, have more layers, greater depth. More majesty. And, it allows my imagination to unfurl. It feeds my brain in a way a film can't. Not so immersively.

Even the obvious epicness of the upcoming Dune.
And so when people say that they don't read when they're writing because it confuses them or that they may inadvertently plagiarise another work, I say, what twaddle.
And when others say they don't read at all. That they don't like to read but that they do love to write, and is that okay, I'm slightly incredulous.
Or maybe they are just better at this, but the idea that a person can write without reading the best writing out there feels like arrogance. Or ignorance, perhaps.
But what do I know, except that I'm fairly certain a writer also has to be a reader.
I'm currently reading Shards of Earth by Adrian Tchaikovsky, who may be one of the best writers of today. Why wouldn't I want to learn from a master writer such as that?

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