some story reviews

Just to give you a sense of what some readers think, really. Not being published means I cannot harvest reviews on an industrial scale as part of some humble/not-humble marketing blitz, but I can guarantee that these are genuine people and are their own, unaltered words. Honest (see?).

Echoes of a Lost Earth

Parts One and Two

Rich: "I was lucky enough to read an early version, back in 2009 which I really enjoyed. This final version is so much more polished and flowing, leading the reader through the twists and turns of the decline of the planet. Many of the events are so believable I can envisage elements of them during my lifetime; that’s depressing! Unable to put this book down, its style reminds me of Clancy in his pomp. Ranging between political intrigue and high intensity action always keeping the reader's attention and desire to discover how it will end. Additionally, it raises some difficult questions that challenge the reader, especially given the challenges the globe is facing today."

An Original Thought

Tracy: "You could be mistaken for thinking Rhymbit Qurialyn is a regular kind of guy, but no, he's not even fully human rated! Then we meet Killrate, unashamed and outspoken. Two very different characters, but all is not as it seems. This short story manages to evoke a range of emotions with it's believable characters and intriguing, fast paced story. As a psychologist I was fascinated by these two loveable characters. I would highly recommend Original Thought to anyone looking to get lost in a short read. It was impossible to put down!"

Mark J. Suddaby | writer